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What are the contraindications for the tummy tuck?

If you are considering undergoing a tummy tuck to get a flatter and firmer abdominal area, it is important to know that not all patients interested in the procedure are automatically eligible. As is the case with any other surgical procedure, there are certain contraindications for the tummy tuck, such as:

1. Smoking

Patients who smoke daily and are unable to cease it for at least three weeks before and after the procedure are not good candidates and shouldn’t undergo the procedure. Smoking can negatively affect the recovery process as well the aesthetic results achieved. Moreover, smoker’s cough is something to be avoided as a more serious coughing fit could cause the opening of the incisions that could trigger other significant complications.

2. Unstable emotional condition

The tummy tuck, as well as many other surgical procedures performed for aesthetic purposes, should only be performed on patients who are emotionally and mentally stable. This means the patient should be able to understand and accept the risks and potential complications and also know what results are to be expected after the procedure.

3. Blood disorders

Certain blood conditions can be contraindications for the tummy tuck. At least two weeks before the procedure, the patient should stop any medication that acts as a blood thinner, such as anti-inflammatory medication. This means that if the patient is under treatment for a blood disorder, chances are the procedure can’t be performed if the treatment can’t be stopped. Moreover, the procedure entails more risks for patients who have underlying health conditions.

4. Ulterior pregnancies

If the patient wishes to get pregnant after the tummy tuck, a responsible plastic surgeon will advise the patient to postpone the procedure for after childbirth to avoid altering the aesthetic results achieved with the tummy tuck. Women interested in undergoing this procedure before their family is complete should know that the tummy will be affected once again by the changes that occur during pregnancy, especially along with the weight accumulation often is associated with pregnancy. Even if the patient loses all the baby weight after childbirth, chances are the skin on the tummy will not be able to retract on the new contours of the body.

5. Unable to accept scarring after surgery

Scarring is often the small price that we pay to enhance our bodies. If the patient is not willing to accept scarring, this is a contraindication to undergo the procedure. Scarring after the tummy tuck can’t be avoided and, moreover, the scar will be permanent. After the first year, the scar will look very much like a fine white line if no cicatrization complications occur.








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