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Are the results of the hourglass hip procedure permanent?


If your hips are narrow and your waist is larger, you may consider the hourglass hip procedure to get the hourglass body. The hourglass body shape is one of the most popular female body shapes in the world today. It features wider hips, smaller waist, and a curvy figure. The surgery delivers these results by making your waist smaller and your hips wider. As a result, you appear more feminine, sexy, and aesthetically appealing.

Many women are curious about the sustainability of the results of the hourglass hip procedure. They want to know how long the results will remain after the surgery. In this article, we will discuss in detail the results and how sustainable the outcomes are. Also, we will explain things you can do to prolong the results.

What is the hourglass hip procedure?

To understand the longevity of the results of the hourglass procedure, you must know what the procedure involves. The surgery involves two critical procedures: liposuction and fat transfer. In the first step, the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction on the abdomen, sides, flanks, and upper back. This step has two primary goals: to contour these areas and to collect fat for transfer to the hips. After the procedure, your waist will become smaller, youthful, shaped, and toned, which is a major goal of the hourglass procedure.

After liposuction, the fat will be processed and purified. It will be treated in a centrifuge to eliminate the fluids, blood, dead and damaged fat cells, and impurities. Only the best quality fat cells will be retained. Finally, the plastic surgeon will carefully inject the fat cells into the hips. This process is called fat grafting. This step is extremely crucial and involves meticulous work. The plastic surgeon will use his sense of aesthetics, artistry, and knowledge of the hourglass figure to sculpt your body and deliver the body of your dreams.

Are the results permanent?

The results of the hourglass hip procedure will evolve. Usually, it takes several weeks and even months for the outcomes to come to the fore and become fully visible. What this means is that the results will not be visible immediately, though your waist may appear somehow smaller. It takes time for the incisions to heal, the swelling to subside, the fat cells to be vascularized, and the final results to emerge.

You will notice that your waist is becoming smaller, youthful, and toned, whereas your hips are growing wider. After vascularization of the fat in your hips, the fat cells nurture, expand, and become stronger. As a result, the hips become wider. When the ultimate results are delivered, your body will appear curvaceous, which will make you look sexy, more feminine, and fertile.

To achieve these results, be sure to follow the surgeon’s instruction for post-operative recovery. The more careful you are, the better and more sustainable the results will be. Be sure to wear the compression garments for the recommended time period and avoid sitting, driving, and sleeping on your back for three weeks after the surgery. Doing so will prolong the life of the results.

The results of the hourglass hip procedure are permanent if you stick to the doctor’s instructions. First off, keep in mind that you have not achieved the results by using artificial objects that may trigger significant complications and necessitate removal of the objects. Instead, your body fat has been used to deliver the results.

Second, you must understand the process through which the fat cells are nurtured once injected into the hips. Once the fat cells are injected into the hips, your body will work to establish blood supply to them. This process can take about 2-3 weeks. During this period, the patient must avoid physical activities and pressure to the hips. For example, you must avoid sitting, driving, and sleeping on your back during this time.

Pressure applied to the hips in the first three weeks following the surgery can kill the fat cells or damage them, which will lead to the death of the cells. When this happens, only a few fat cells will remain. Hence, the results will not last beyond a few weeks or months. In simple terms, it would mean that you simply failed to achieve the desired results.

On the contrary, if you are careful during the recovery period, the results can last a lifetime. It is also critical to avoid weight loss after the surgery because weight loss affects the achieved results in negative ways. Keep in mind that once the fat cells transferred to your hips have been vascularized, they would behave just like the fat in other areas of your body. What this means is that weight changes in your body will affect the fat in your hips in the same way it affects the fat in other regions of your body.

In such a scenario, if you experience considerable weight loss, it will affect the sustainability of the achieved results. Firstly, weight loss will shrink the fat in your butt just as it shrinks the fat in other parts of the body. If the weight loss is not severe, you may be able to regain the lost aesthetic results through weight gain. Weight gain will do the opposite, meaning the fat cells will expand again. It may help restore the lost results to some extent.

However, when the weight loss is severe and prolonged, your body will absorb the fat in your butt permanently, meaning the fat will be ultimately converted into fluids and removed from the body. In this case, you will lose the results of the hourglass hip procedure permanently. No matter if you regain weight, the lost results will not come back because the fat has been consumed. Keep in mind that when your body starves for an extended period, it eats up the fat that is stored in different areas of the body, including the fat injected into the hips.

What this means is that you must maintain a stable weight for the results of the hourglass hip procedure to stay with you on a permanent basis. You can do so by sticking to a balanced and healthy diet. Be sure to include protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients in your diet. Doing so will keep your weight stable, which will help sustain the results achieved.

Weight gain after the surgery can also affect the results. Keep in mind that the operation involves liposuction of the abdomen, sides, and flanks, etc. During liposuction, the fat from the target areas is removed. If you gain considerable weight after the surgery, there is a risk the few fat cells that may have been left out in those areas will expand and give birth to new fat cells. As a result, those areas will develop stubborn fat pockets yet again. Your waist will no longer remain smaller and contoured. In other words, the result of the hourglass surgery will be eliminated.

To prolong the results achieved via the hourglass hip procedure, you must also be extremely careful during the recovery period. Be sure to wear the compression garments for the recommended time, avoid applying pressure to the hips, follow the surgeon’s instructions thoroughly, and eat a healthy diet during the recovery period.

While the first three weeks post-surgery are critical, you must also be careful for six weeks after the procedure. Your body takes typically six weeks to fully recover. Do not engage in physically demanding activities like jogging, exercise, jumping, weightlifting, and other strenuous tasks because such activities tend to cause aesthetic and health complications.


The hourglass hip procedure is a modern and efficient plastic surgery method to sculpt your body into the hourglass shape, which is the most famous female body shape in the world. To qualify for the procedure, you must have excess body fat because it uses your body fat to deliver the desired outcomes. The surgery involves liposuction of the abdomen, sides, flanks, and upper back. Liposuction contours these areas and makes the waist smaller.

The fat removed via liposuction is then transferred to the hips, which makes the hips wider. The results of the surgery are permanent as long as you maintain a stable weight after the surgery and are careful during the recovery period.








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