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What Can a Tummy Tuck be Used to Combat?

There’s quite a lot of confusion in general as to what it is a tummy tuck does and what it can be used to combat. In truth, there are literally limitless ways in which a tummy tuck can bring a more attractive look and feel to any stomach which for any given reason has become loose, sagging or generally unsightly.

Whether caused by pregnancy, weight loss, illness, surgery or really anything else across the board, a tummy tuck can be uniquely effective in combating the following:

Excessive Skin

Crash weight loss can lead to an excess of skin that creates and unsightly overhang. This is extremely common following pregnancy and can also be a problem when an obese individual loses plenty of weight in a short period of time. A tummy tuck can see the skin removed in a single procedure.

Laxity of Abdominal Muscle

Certain problems with the abdominal muscles can also lead to unsightly problems around the stomach, which can again be remedied quite brilliantly with a tummy tuck.

Excessive Fat

A tummy tuck differs from liposuction in that it deals with the skin as well as the fat below the surface. Whereas the former of the two has a tendency to leave behind a lot of excess skin and a far less than idea overall tummy shape, a tummy tuck can lead to a truly unrivaled result.

Stretch Marks

Pregnancy and weight loss can also lead to stretch marks, which are again perfectly treatable with a tummy tuck. It may also be that the stretching of the skin has caused larger ruptures around the bottom of the belly, which may be permanent unless treated with a tummy tuck.

The list goes on, but when and where there’s a cosmetic issue affecting the area around the belly, the humble tummy tuck has the potential to be the most effective and accessible treatment commercially available.








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