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What happens on the day of tummy tuck surgery?

Have you finalized your decision about getting a tummy tuck surgery? Whether you are having doubts or you are very sure about going through with the surgery, make sure you know everything about the tummy tuck, including what happens on the day of the surgery itself. This would include the things you should do on the day of the surgery, what happens just before the surgery, during the surgery and right after the surgery. By knowing these things, it would be easier for you to imagine and prepare for the day.

What things should you do on the day of the surgery?

On the day of your tummy tuck surgery, you should wake up from a restful sleep from the night before. By this time, you should already be mentally and emotionally prepared for surgery. You may feel a little bit nervous and that is common, but that will soon pass.

You should also take this time to prepare your body by taking a bath. The tummy tuck is a major surgery, that is why it may be challenging for you to wash your hair and body thoroughly after the procedure. It is important that you don’t put extra products on your body such as lotions or moisturizers.

When choosing clothes to wear to the hospital, choose those that are easy to wear. Also, make sure you bring extra clothes because you might or might not be spending a night at the hospital. This will depend on the surgeon’s preference and how the surgery goes.

It is also best that you have someone to drive you to and from the hospital. You’ll also be needing help while recovering at home. It is best to have a support system with whatever surgery you are to go through not only because it would be easier for you physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

What happens immediately before the surgery?

Once you reach the hospital or the facility where you are going to have the surgery, there are a few things the medical staff will do to you in preparation. Such things include the following:

– Going through the process of being admitted: It is possible to be admitted in the hospital or facility hours before the surgery. They can ask you to fill up some paperwork and they may also insert an IV line in preparation for the surgery. If your surgery doesn’t begin shortly, the medical staff may bring you to your room where you can stay comfortable and wait.

– You will be checked by the nursing team as well as the anesthesiologist to see whether your body is medically fit for the surgery. In case you have an infection, the surgery may be postponed to make sure the infection does not complicate your surgery.

– Once the operation is about to start, you will be informed by the nurse and brought to the operating room. Your IV line may be inserted at this time, or it can also be already inserted by the time you are admitted.

What happens during the surgery

During the surgery, the surgeon will work on your tummy as discussed. There are different types of tummy tuck surgery and the length of time the surgery takes will depend on a case to case basis. Before making the first incision, you will be first administered with general anesthesia by the anesthesiologist to make sure you are asleep during the procedure.

What the surgeon does to your body will depend on the type of tummy tuck you need. Here are the types of tummy tuck surgery and a description of what is done to your body with each kind of tummy tuck.

– Mini Tummy Tuck: With the mini tummy tuck, only a small portion of the skin is needed to be removed. An incision will be placed on the lower abdominal wall until the navel. Excess skin will be removed, but it is very minimal. Due to a smaller incision and smaller amount of skin removed, there would be no need to reposition the navel. Liposuction can be done to remove more fat to prevent the muffin top look. After this, the skin will be pulled taut then sutured together.

– Traditional Tummy Tuck: With a traditional tummy tuck, the incision made would be longer, and it usually goes from one hip bone to the other. Fat and excess skin will also be removed. Due to a larger size of skin and fat to be removed, the belly button also needs to be moved to make sure it is in the right position. It is also possible for the surgeon to tighten the abdominal muscles with this type of tummy tuck. After removing the excess skin and tightening the muscles, the incision will be closed.

– Extended Tummy Tuck: With the extended tummy tuck procedure, the incision will run through the abdominal area to each hip and extend to the lower back. This has the longest incision and the most skin and fat to be removed. Like the traditional tummy tuck procedure, the muscles can also be tightened and the belly button will also be repositioned. Once everything is done, the surgeon will close the incision.

– Liposuction can be performed in combination with any of the tummy tuck types mentioned before. Liposuction makes use of a cannula that will be used to suck out the fat. It only requires a small incision to be performed.

After the incision is closed, bandages will be placed in order to protect the wound. After the surgery, you will be in a slightly bent from the waist position. Make sure you stay in this position so the wound and the skin don’t stretch. By doing this, you will lessen the chance of developing a thicker scar.

Combining tummy tuck surgery with other surgeries

In some cases, the tummy tuck surgery can be combined with other surgeries. Some surgeons approve of this because it means being in surgery only once. Others may oppose to this because it is already a major type of surgery and it is possible that the body won’t be able to handle too much stress brought about by the combination of surgeries.

Nevertheless, a combination of surgeries is possible. When the tummy tuck surgery is combined with breast lift, breast augmentation or other body contouring cosmetic surgeries, it can be referred to as the “mommy makeover”.

Similarly, medical procedures can also be combined with the tummy tuck procedure as long as the site is the same. These include medical procedures such as a hysterectomy, hernia repair, tubal ligation and many others. A general surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon need to first talk about the combined procedure beforehand.

What happens after surgery

After surgery, you will still be monitored in the recovery room. The effects of the anesthesia may still be felt and you still won’t feel pain but a slight discomfort. After your vital signs are stable, you may now be brought to your room where you can further recover.

Most facilities offer overnight stays so they can closely monitor your condition. Many surgeons also require their patients to spend at least the night at the facility or hospital before they are discharged.

All the prescribed medications should already have been bought so they are ready for you to drink according to the schedule given by your surgeon. The effects of anesthesia will gradually wear off and you will start to feel pain and discomfort. The nurse will give you the pain relievers and you will continue drinking them as scheduled until you are already home.

Antibiotics also need to be taken at regular or scheduled intervals. You may have already started taking them before the surgery or you may start drinking them after surgery. This will depend on the instructions that your surgeon will provide you.


There are a few things that happen during the day of the surgery. It begins at home while you get ready for the surgery. What you do affects the surgery, so you should follow the instructions of your surgeon carefully.

Just before the surgery, the nursing staff will prepare you by inserting an IV line as well as bringing you to the operating room. During the surgery itself, the procedure you undergo would depend on the type of tummy tuck you are going to get. The procedure would also depend on whether you have other procedures combined with your tummy tuck or not.

After the procedure, you’ll first be in the recovery room where you will be closely monitored. You will then be released to your room where you are likely to spend the night for you to recover. Most are required to stay the night, but there are also some who may be allowed to go home.








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