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Why Is Tumescent Liposuction Better?

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure done today, and there are several different techniques that surgeons can do. One of the most famous and most loved technique is the tumescent liposuction procedure. The tumescent liposuction procedure makes use of a great amount of solution. This solution is made of normal saline, lidocaine, epinephrine, and some local anesthesia. This fluid is injected into the area where the liposuction procedure is done. Through the help of the fluid, the extraction of the fat is done more smoothly and with less bleeding.

Many surgeons and patients prefer the tumescent liposuction procedure because the usual unpleasant side effect of the traditional liposuction is reduced. The solution used is not only for the purpose of numbing the area, but it also helps constrict the capillaries so that there would be less blood loss. With this, there is less bruising, less pain, and less swelling after the procedure. It is also possible for the patient to not undergo the general anesthesia anymore because there is a local anesthesia that is mixed with the solution. This helps avoid some side effects that the anesthesia might cause, such as nausea and vomiting.

The swelling observed after the liposuction procedure is also reduced because the incision sites where the cannula passes through are left open for several days. This helps drain out the remaining solution and prevents swelling. The drained out fluid may contain some blood; that is why less blood is left in the muscles to show bruising. With less bruising and less swelling, healing and recovery are faster and more comfortable for the patient.

In the traditional liposuction technique, general anesthesia is used, and the patient is asleep while undergoing the procedure. This is the reason why a larger cannula is used to remove the fat. With a larger cannula, there is more fat that can be sucked out at a time, which means the patient will be under anesthesia for a shorter time. On the other hand, those who go for the tumescent liposuction technique are awake; that is why the surgeon can use a smaller cannula to remove the fats gently and avoid rushing the procedure.

The recovery after a tumescent liposuction is better than the traditional liposuction. There is less bleeding, less bruising, and less pain; that is why the patient can be more comfortable in moving around and walking. It is very important for patients to walk around and move their legs after the surgery to make sure that the blood flows properly. This helps prevent the formation of blood clot on the legs.

The tumescent technique also prevents too much blood loss during the liposuction procedure. In the traditional technique, excessive blood loss is one of the biggest risks that a patient has to take. Before, it is possible for the patient to be required to donate his/her own blood weeks before the surgery so that he/she can be prepared for the worst. The blood donated will be transfused back to the patient after the surgery. This is no longer practiced today, all thanks to the tumescent liposuction technique.








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