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Can an abdominoplasty slim the waist?

Can an abdominoplasty slim the waist?


Abdominoplasty is the procedure performed to correct imperfections of the abdominal wall. After multiple pregnancies, due to aging or weight fluctuations, patients can be left with an unsightly appearance of the tummy that can only be fixed with the help of plastic surgery.

When looking for help from plastic surgery to regain a beautiful abdomen, patients want to know exactly how the procedure will enhance their abdomen. In many cases of women wanting to undergo the procedure, there is a question of whether abdominoplasty can slim the waist. To have a better understanding of the results that can be achieved, we need to have a look at the surgical plan.

When abdominoplasty is performed, the plastic surgeon will make an incision on the lower part of the tummy, just above the pubic area. The incision can be longer or shorter, depending on the amount of skin tissue to be removed. In some cases, it can go from one hip bone to the other. After the incision is made, the plastic surgeon will detach the skin and fat tissue from the abdominal muscles and lift them to the level of the rib cage. This is done to get access to the muscles of the abdomen, which in many cases will be brought together and sutured to create a firm and flat tummy. At this stage of the operation, the plastic surgeon will also correct umbilical hernia, if it is present. After this, the skin and fat tissues are re-draped over the tummy, the excess is eliminated, and the incisions sutured. As a result, the patient will have a firm and flat tummy. But what are the effects of surgery on the waist? 

To get a slimmer waist, abdominoplasty might not be the ideal procedure. To slim down the waist, the patient might need to get rid of unwanted adipose tissue localized on the abdominal wall and the flanks. Abdominoplasty has no effect on the fat tissue or flanks. This means that abdominoplasty might not slim down the waist, especially if the patient has a considerable layer of adipose tissue on the tummy and the flanks. 

To get a slimmer waist, liposuction might be recommended. Liposuction can be combined successfully with abdominoplasty to refine the results and achieve a more impressive result. Keep in mind that after liposuction, the patient will need to wear compressive garments to reduce the swelling in the areas operated on. 

The results of liposuction combined with abdominoplasty can take up to three to six months to transpire and even longer. Make sure to follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon for post-operative care to avoid complications and maximize the results that can be achieved with these procedures.








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