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How Bad Is The Scarring After A Tummy Tuck?

How Bad Is The Scarring After A Tummy Tuck?

Scars come along with most plastic surgeries. They are still and always will be a part of the unpleasant period after a cosmetic surgery intervention. For tummy tuck procedures, scars always pose a special concern as they are being performed around the abdomen area. As the procedure involves liposuction most of the time, the incision used for inserting the cannula is usually small in size, but more complex surgeries will need more incisions.

A tummy tuck will require incisions around the belly button and along the lower abdomen area. In many cases, however, the incision is placed by the surgeon in such way so you can cover it with your bikini. In this case, there is no major concern for you if you are choosing to go to the beach. Even if you do not want to cover them, try to avoid sun exposure in your first year after the procedure. Also, it is highly recommended that you use some creams for the scars during your recovery process. Some surgeons will use a so-called silicone tape for covering the scars after closing the wound.

The appearance of the scar depends mostly on the patient’s healing process. The surgeon can create thin and well-placed incisions so that the scars will be barely noticeable. From all procedures, the one for a full tummy tuck will require two main incisions, plus the one around the around the belly button, so it will basically leave you with more scars.

Horizontal incision

This is one of the incisions that most patients get during a tummy tuck. It is needed to remove any excess, sagging skin. It is placed between the navel and pubic area. It is better for you to decide before the surgery with your doctor which area can be used for incision. In this case, your normal underwear should easily cover it all the time. It is also important for your surgeon to mark the incision beforehand while pulling up the abdominal skin. Otherwise, there is a big chance that your incision will be too high. A good area for the incision is no more than 3 inches above the vaginal crease.

Scars around the belly button

The best incision around the belly button is the “inverted U” incision. It will actually duplicate the aspect of a real belly button and is going to be hard for someone to spot it. Another type of incision called the “inverted Y” technique would leave small scars around the navel, looking more like an arrow pointing up. Even so, both techniques will leave some small scars and until a method to hide them permanently will be found, these small scars are something that you need to accept.








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