Mommy Makeover Benefits - Hourglass Tummy Tuck
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Mommy Makeover Benefits

Mommy Makeover Benefits


The mommy makeover procedure refers to a series of plastic procedures used to reshape a woman’s body, usually after pregnancy. Even if the procedure is not the same for everyone, most of them will include an abdominoplasty, also referred as tummy tuck procedure, a breast lift (mastopexy) or breast augmentation using implants, and liposuction for hips area. We said that is usually used after the pregnancy as most of the woman are not quite happy with the way they look after a pregnancy, and it is basically a procedure that is taken in most of the cases by women’s who dealt with a pregnancy before. There is why this kind of name is used to define it, and here are some things that you need to know about it.

Multiple procedures in one go

One of the main advantages of this procedure is that you can solve two problems with one procedure. A breast lift and tummy tuck can go together, and you don’t have to do it twice. Some people may argue with the fact that a more complex procedure is not recommended. However, your body health condition is one of the main factors, and the surgeon is the one that will tell you if you can do them separately or not. For sure, if your body can handle it, is going to be easier in one procedure.

Smaller price in overall

Even if the procedure is going to be expensive, is still cheaper than having them separately. With the overall price for sure, you can save some money while reshaping your body and regaining your confidence in the way you look. Even so, usually the price is oscillating from $15000 to $30000 and it basically depends on the area, the doctor experience or the number of procedures that will get you to the final result.

Choose what you want

As we said before, the procedure itself is not standard. You are the one choosing what to reshape and what are your expectations. Along with the surgeon you can find the best way to solve either some sagging skin around your abdomen or major aesthetic issues that can appear after having a child.

On the other side

If you choose multiple procedures, your recovery period might be longer. Also, your body can be weakened, and you may require more days off from work.

Normally you have to wait at least one year after you give birth in order for you to benefit from this type of procedure. Declare any major issues that you have encountered during the pregnancy, in order for the doctor to be familiar with your main health issues. For example, if you have encountered some excessive bleedings after the pregnancy or if you have been on a specific treatment.








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