How long does it take to get an hourglass body shape? - Hourglass Tummy Tuck
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How long does it take to get an hourglass body shape?

The hourglass body shape is very sexy and alluring, and the most desirable silhouette for a woman. The hourglass body is not a matter of weight or being overly thin; it is a matter of the harmony of the proportions. This is why there are many celebrities who aren’t exactly at their ideal weight but still have a body that is envied and desired by millions of people across the globe. Curves are sexy and they will always be sexy, no matter what the mass media is trying to convince women. But to lose weight is easier and doable compared to changing body shape. There are millions of products that will help you lose weight, but none to give you the hourglass body shape. However, there is a solution for women who want to enhance the shape of their bodies and get the curves we all crave. The solution is an hourglass procedure.

There are different hourglass procedures that can be performed, but for women who have had multiple pregnancies or suffered considerable weight loss, the hourglass tummy tuck might be the right surgical plan. The hourglass hip procedure is also in demand as it is the only viable solution that can be used to add volume to hips that are very narrow.

Both the hourglass tummy tuck and the hourglass hip procedure include liposuction and fat transfer to the hips. This means that fat is collected from the midline to make the waist smaller and transferred to the hips where more volume is needed. In between liposuction and fat transfer, the fat needs to go through a complex purification process that will deliver only healthy and pure fat cells to be grafted into the hips. The purification process needs to eliminate the blood, damaged fat cells, and other impurities. By using only good quality fat cells, we ensure a higher survival rate after the grafting.

Not all the fat cells grafted will manage to survive in the hips. Over the course of a few months, the body will reabsorb about 30% of the fat that was transferred. This means that it can take up to three months to see the final results. However, when the hourglass tummy tuck procedure is performed with the aim of helping the patient achieve the beautiful silhouette, the process can take longer. The tummy tuck involves an incision on the lower part of the abdomen, and the cicatrization process for this incision can take as long as nine months or more, depending from patient to patient. This means that it can take six to nine months for the results to transpire, but generally speaking, after the first three months, the patient can enjoy a beautiful silhouette.

So, how long does it take to get an hourglass body shape? In short, it takes about 4 hours or more to undergo the procedure, about two weeks off from work for the recovery process, and another three months to see the final results.








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