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How much weight will I lose after abdominoplasty?

When it comes to the tummy tuck and liposuction, many people find it difficult to understand that these procedures are not actually performed with the aim to help the patient lose weight. Moreover, a responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will not advise patients to undergo these procedures unless they have a normal weight that has been stable for at least six to eight months, preferably more. So, what is the purpose of abdominoplasty if not to help patients lose weight?

The main reason why the procedure is performed is to help patients achieve a firm and flat tummy. This can be achieved by strengthening loose abdominal muscles and bringing them together on the median line with sutures, correcting umbilical hernia if present, and eliminating the excess skin that could be sagging on the lower part of the tummy. So, unless we are talking about pounds and pounds of saggy skin on the tummy, there is not much weight to be lost as it doesn’t address the adipose layer.

The procedure that is performed to eliminate unwanted fat from the body is liposuction, and not even this procedure can be used for weight loss purposes. There is a limit to the amount of fat that can be safely removed during one liposuction session. Extracting more than six to seven liters of fat can be dangerous and put the patient’s wellbeing at risk, and this amount of fat when considering an obese or overweight patient won’t make any difference. Liposuction can be performed with the tummy tuck to achieve spectacular results on the midline, a slimmer waist, and an improved abdominal wall. However, there is not much weight to be lost when abdominoplasty is performed.

The patient doesn’t lose weight when the tummy tuck is performed, and even with liposuction it will only result in a slight but unremarkable weight loss. However, there is an interesting aspect that is worth discussing here. Patients undergoing body contouring and body lifting procedures such as liposuction and the tummy tuck are advised to keep a healthy and balanced eating regimen to be able to sustain the results of their procedure for longer. Otherwise, the results can be altered if weight fluctuations occur.

After undergoing abdominoplasty and noticing the amazing changes, many patients talk about how they became more dedicated to their health regimen by exercising more often, quitting bad habits, and eating more balanced. This is the reason why some patients might end up losing some weight after undergoing a tummy tuck. The weight loss might occur not as a direct result of undergoing surgery, but as a secondary effect that is strictly dependent on the patient’s mind frame and aesthetic goals and expectations. Keep in mind that if considerable weight fluctuations occur after abdominoplasty, an additional procedure might be necessary to correct saggy skin again.








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