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Mons Lift with A Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy not only loosens the skin, but it also causes excess skin in the abdomen. It can be severe enough to require not just a tummy tuck, but also the surrounding aesthetic areas of the abdomen. One of the areas that is greatly affected is the mons pubis. This is the area above the vagina. Most of the time, pregnancy causes it to sag and drop. Fortunately, this can be resolved through a tummy tuck.


During the tummy tuck, the excess skin in the abdomen and the mons area will be addressed. Before making an incision, I need to mark the area of the abdomen I will be slicing. While I do this, I pull the mons and the vagina upwards to ensure that the scar is in the right position. This is important because if you don’t make the incision in the right location, then the excess skin will remain, leaving sagginess in the vagina area with unsatisfactory results.

The key is to make the incision as low as possible, but at the same time being able to pull the excess skin from the mons pubis area. In other words, the skin is pulled mainly from the mons to lift it, utilizing the elasticity of the abdomen. The surgeon must determine the location of the scar by assessing the excess skin on the mons before the procedure. If we do not do this, then your mons is not going to have the aesthetic result that you are looking for.








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