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Soft Tissue Relaxation After A Tummy Tuck

It seems counterintuitive to discuss soft tissue relaxation after a tummy tuck. The main reason to have a tummy tuck is to have a tighter belly. But how tight your belly is going to look after surgery depends on your skin tone and elasticity prior to surgery. We have discussed this in another video. But you need to understand that in some particular patients, soft tissue relaxation means the skin of your tummy gets slightly looser after the procedure. Typically patients that have these issues are patients that have poor skin elasticity. For example, the patients that have stretch marks above the bellybutton are a higher risk of having this issue.


The patients that have stretch mark just below the button most of the time, they do not develop this problem. The reason is that any skin that still has stretch marks is weak and when tension is applied to the skin, it slowly and steadily relaxes, creating small areas of soft tissue relaxantion after the surgery.

Setting the tension before surgery is extremely important, because the tighter the skin is made, particularly in those patient that will have stretch marks above the belly button, the less likely these occur.

The problem is that the more skin you cut, the higher the horizontal scar your tummy tuck result will have. In other words, the more skin is removed, the higher your horizontal scar might end up.

So what happens if you develop a slightly looseness of the tummy after surgery? Well, in essence you are going to need to have a revision surgery where some of the excess skin will be removed.

Understanding skin tightness and relaxation after surgery is important for you to have realistic expectations on how your belly is going to look after surgery.

If you develop soft tissue relaxation, it does not mean that the surgeon did not cut enough skin. It means that your skin tone is poor in some cases and relaxation of the skin is just a normal process of the healing after a tummy tuck.








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