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Procedures performed in combination with the tummy tuck

Procedures performed in combination with the tummy tuck



The tummy tuck is performed more and more often nowadays as it allows patients to feel better in their skin as a result of delivering an improved appearance of the abdominal area. When the tummy tuck is performed, the plastic surgeon can strengthen loose abdominal muscles, correct umbilical hernia if present, and also removes the excess of skin and fat tissue that are present on the inferior part of the tummy. This means that after the procedure, the patient will enjoy having a flat and firm tummy and a considerable boost of self-esteem as a result of the enhanced appearance.

However, modern plastic surgery has developed so much that it allows performing multiple procedures at the same time to enhance the appearance of the body furthermore. This means that the plastic surgeon can recommend the patient to undergo other procedures in combination with the tummy tuck. In this article, we will discuss procedures performed in combination with the tummy tuck.


Benefits of undergoing combined procedures

Many patients are worried about undergoing combined procedures as they think it will cost more and the recovery period will be longer. The reality is not quite so. Actually, one of the reasons why patients choose combined procedures is exactly because the costs are smaller than undergoing separate procedures and there is just one recovery period. For patients who need more than one procedure to see the aesthetic improvements in their body, it is easier to undergo multiple procedures in one sitting. Generally speaking, between procedures patients should wait a minimum of three months, preferably six. Each procedure is followed by about two weeks’ time off from work for the recovery period. When combined procedures are performed, most patients can resume work and other activities after two weeks. 

Considering the cost, the price of each procedure contains the fee of the plastic surgeon, the fee of the anesthetist, hospitalization, medication and the materials used. If combined procedures are preferred, the anesthesia fee and hospitalization will only be paid once.

Other benefits of undergoing multiple procedures are the enhancement that can be seen in the body when the final results transpire. Patients have the opportunity to considerably increase their physical appeal by undergoing more procedures that can be complementary. 

Here are the procedures that can be and are often performed with the tummy tuck:


  1.   Liposuction

The tummy tuck and liposuction combo is so popular that we should come up with a name for this. The truth is that liposuction can improve the results achieved with the tummy tuck. When the traditional tummy tuck is performed, the patient will see no improvement in terms of the shape of the body and the dimensions of the waist. Also, if the patient has significant adipose tissue on the tummy, it won’t be affected in any way after abdominoplasty. This can cause the patient to be dissatisfied with the results. 

This is why for patients with an excess of adipose tissue on the tummy and the flanks, a responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will recommend liposuction to be performed in combination. With liposuction, we can eliminate the stubborn fat deposits present on the midline for a smaller waist and a firmer and flatter abdominal wall. Moreover, the whole silhouette of the patient can be transformed if we perform liposuction on the flanks. This is a good method to correct a rectangular shape of the body. 

The preferred liposuction method nowadays is tumescent liposuction as it allows for a reduction of the pain and swelling that can occur post-op, promoting a fast recovery process. The patient needs to wear compression garments on the tummy and the midline for a minimum of three weeks or even more, depending on the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. 

A procedure combining liposuction, abdominoplasty and fat transfer to the hips is called the hourglass tummy tuck, and it aims to help patients achieve a beautiful silhouette with curves in all the right places. To find out if the hourglass tummy tuck is suitable for you, contact the plastic surgeon for a pre-operative consultation.


  1.   Breast lift

The breast lift performed in combination with the tummy tuck is often a part of the Mommy Makeover batch of procedures dedicated to new mothers. As a result of one or multiple pregnancies or considerable weight fluctuations, both the breasts and the tummy can suffer changes that lead to an unsightly appearance of these areas. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to improve the appearance of saggy breasts and a saggy tummy, so plastic surgery is the only efficient method. 

The Mommy Makeover procedure should only be scheduled when the patient has lost enough weight to get close to her ideal weight. The recommendation is to keep a stable weight for a minimum of six to eight months and even more before scheduling the combination of these procedures. Ulterior weight fluctuations or a pregnancy can alter the results and create the need for additional plastic surgery procedures.

The breast lift entails the elevation of the breasts to a normal level on the chest wall. To be able to do this, the plastic surgeon will perform incisions on the breasts (one or multiple depending on the level of breast ptosis) and using these incisions to gain access to the mammary gland. The mammary gland is not injured or reduced during this procedure; however, the plastic surgeon will re-center and lift it to a normal position. After this, the excess of skin is removed and the incisions are sutured. The recommendation is to avoid lifting heavy objects and wear the compression garments after the procedure.


  1.   Breast augmentation 

Breast augmentation can also be performed in combination with the tummy tuck. If this is the recommendation, the procedure will start with the surgeon inserting implants inside the breasts by making incisions around the areola or in the axilla. Once the breast augmentation procedure is performed, the tummy tuck will begin. Breast augmentation can also entail the use of the patient’s own fat cells, but this is less common than using implants. By undergoing these combined procedures, the patient will enjoy having a flat and firm tummy and also larger breasts which will completely change the anatomy of the patient and enhance her aesthetic appearance.


  1.   Breast reduction

Breast reduction is another procedure that can be combined with the tummy tuck. Breast reduction is necessary and recommended for patients who suffer emotional and physical discomforts due to the overly large size of their breasts. The plastic surgeon will eliminate the excess skin and fat tissue present on the breasts, but also a part of the mammary gland to ensure a volume of the breasts is proportionate to the rest of the anatomy. With this combination, the patient will enjoy having more proportionate and harmonious body features, aside from a flat tummy.


  1.   Arm lift

The arm lift is recommended for patients who have undergone a massive weight loss or the appearance of their arms have been affected by the passing of time in a negative way. This means that the procedures can sometimes be performed in combination to achieve improved aesthetic results.

When the arm lift is performed together with the tummy tuck, compression garments need to be worn both on the tummy and the arms and patients are advised to avoid lifting objects from the ground for a minimum of four weeks, if not more.



The tummy tuck is very popular and commonly performed nowadays. The procedure can be played out in combination with other plastic surgery procedures for patients who want to considerably improve the appearance of their body and require additional procedures. Among the procedures that can be performed with the tummy tuck are the breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, arm lift, and liposuction. When the tummy tuck is performed together with liposuction and a fat transfer to the hips, the procedure is called the hourglass tummy tuck. This procedure is commonly recommended for patients who want to get beautiful curves and an hourglass figure, aside from a flat and firm appearance of the tummy.









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