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Rushing the healing after abdominoplasty

Rushing the healing after abdominoplasty


Abdominoplasty is a procedure performed mostly on patients with poor skin tonus and saggy skin on the tummy who desire an aesthetic improvement on the abdominal wall. In some cases, the procedure can be performed to increase functionality, especially for patients who have lost a massive amount of weight after bariatric surgery or another type of program and who are left with an abdominal apron that can create a real physical and emotional discomfort. 

The tummy tuck can be performed in two to four hours and even more, depending on the surgical plan recommended for each patient. The hospitalization can be a few hours and up to twelve hours, and the recovery period is about two weeks. The results should be assessed after a minimum of six months when the side effects that normally occur after surgery have subsided. 

Many patients ask how and if they can rush the healing after abdominoplasty as they want to see the final results sooner or return to work before the two weeks are over. While it is normal to have the desire to recover as soon as possible, there is no rushing the healing. The healing process takes time and the time frame can be different from patient to patient and affected by different factors, including the emotional condition of the patient.

There is a strong recommendation not to overdo it when it comes to resuming daily activities. Don’t perform intense physical activities too soon as this can do the opposite of speeding up the healing process. In this case, complications can occur that will actually delay the recovery even more and even trigger the need for additional treatments.

It is always a good idea to discuss your lifestyle and work conditions with the plastic surgeon even before scheduling your surgery as he can give you a clear indication of what to expect in terms of when it is possible to get back to work. Some patients can resume work sooner than others, but this is entirely dependent on the characteristics of the patient and the work involved. 

If we are considering the final results, the recommendation is to have patience and a positive mind frame. There is not much the patient can do for the results to transpire faster, especially considering the fact that we are talking about an extensive and complex surgery that has an effect on all the structures of the tummy, including the muscles. The body takes time to recover, and the patient needs to understand this. There is no rushing the healing or the recovery process after abdominoplasty, and if you think you’ve found something to help you heal faster, you should discuss it with the plastic surgeon before using it. 








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