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What side effects can be experienced after an hourglass tummy tuck?

What side effects can be experienced after an hourglass tummy tuck?


The hourglass tummy tuck is a modern procedure that is used to enhance the appearance of the silhouette of the patient while also making the tummy firm and flat. The procedure delivers spectacular results when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-versed in hourglass techniques and performs this procedure routinely. 

When the hourglass tummy tuck is performed, the patient will be put under general anesthesia before the surgeon will start with the first stage, the liposuction. Liposuction is performed on the abdominal wall to reduce the thickness of the adipose layer and the flanks to make the waist smaller. As a result, the whole midline of the patient is remodeled. Then, the plastic surgeon will address and correct the imperfections of the abdominal wall such as loose abdominal muscles, saggy skin, and umbilical hernia if present. Once the muscles are tightened with sutures, the umbilical hernia corrected and the saggy skin eliminated, the incisions performed for the tummy tuck will be sutured, and the next and last step of the procedure will be performed. In the last step, the plastic surgeon will widen the hips by transferring some of the fat that was collected from the midline and processed. Making the waist smaller and the hips wider, we create beautiful curves in all the right places and a beautiful hourglass figure.

However, all these come with the price of discomfort and side effects that can be experienced during the recovery period. This period is often no more than two weeks and it is very common for patients to experience certain side effects during this time. Among the side effects are pain and discomfort, especially on the tummy. The pain is more likely to be more intense during the first two days post-op but easily alleviated with the help of the medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon. Make sure to take the pills as per his recommendations. 

Other side effects after the hourglass tummy tuck are common to most surgeries, such as swelling and bruising of the areas treated during the procedure, numbness of the areas where incisions were placed, and even seromas and hematomas. To reduce the risk of developing a blood or fluid accumulation at the incision site, the plastic surgeon will insert drain tubes on each side of the tummy. This way we can ensure that the fluids are being eliminated from the body and can’t accumulate. The drain tubes are often removed two days after the procedure by the medical staff at the plastic surgeon’s office.

Generally speaking, the side effects that can be experienced after an hourglass tummy tuck will disappear over the course of the first weeks or months without additional treatment. Contact your plastic surgeon if abnormal reactions occur. 








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