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Tips On Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tips On Tummy Tuck Recovery


The tummy tuck surgery is a life-changing surgery that can produce great results. It removes the excess fat and skin from your abdominal area. This is something that cannot be easily removed by just doing exercises and eating right. Sometimes, this fat is so stubborn that it doesn’t seem to melt no matter what you do. On top of that, the excess skin where more fat used to occupy can leave you less confident about your body as well.

The tummy tuck surgery is a great procedure to correct your problem. Once you go through it, you would want to heal as fast as possible so you can fully enjoy your body. Apart from the instructions provided to you by your surgeons, you may find some of these tips very useful during your recovery.

–   Eat right: First of all, you have to make sure that your body is properly nourished, not just after the procedure but even before the procedure. This makes sure that your body can handle the surgery that it is about to go through. After the procedure, the body needs all the nutrients in order to heal the body efficiently. It is not advisable to go on a diet or try to lose weight right after a tummy tuck surgery. You can do that after your recovery.

–   Use booster seats: During recovery, it can be very difficult to move around and do your normal activities. Even sitting down can be a challenge especially when your seat is too low to the ground. Aside from your chairs, you also need boosters for your toilet. Some toilet seats are very low, and it can hurt when you squat low. Booster seats can make it more comfortable for you to do your business in the bathroom.

–   Rent a recliner: Some recliners or hospital beds can be rented out, and you will be more comfortable sleeping in one than your regular bed. The recliners put you in a sleeping position where your waist is bent, but your legs are still elevated. This helps the skin on the tummy area to be tight and prevents you from developing a big scar.

–   Wear compression garments: Compression garments can be worn on the legs to make the blood circulates properly. This prevents your legs from developing blood clots that can be stuck in tiny blood vessels. It is very dangerous if this happens and can even cause death.

–   Entertain yourself: It may seem like your recovery is taking forever when you don’t keep yourself well entertained. When it becomes too boring, you can focus on the pain and discomfort you are feeling. This will just lead you to become stressed and miserable. Instead, you should prepare for your recovery by getting things that entertain you but don’t require you to put too much effort into it.

– Get some help: Accept the fact that you can’t do everything by yourself, especially after you had the surgery. Get some help to do chores around the house and for someone to take care of you.








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